16 Days of Activism

Daughter has been selected to screen and take part in Wodonga Council’s annual event 16 Days of Activism, with the film screening at Wodonga library on November 28th along with two other films, Lipstick (Directed by Harriet McKern, 1994) and Footy Chicks (Directed by Rebecca Barry, 2006).

The Facebook event reads, “Join us for a selection of films that explore a range of topics that face women on a day to day basis – from safety on the streets, how they look, what they wear, how this is viewed and judged by society and who they sleep with and why.”

Thanks to BeamaFilm is in order, as the Wodonga Council found Daughter from their website.

The event is free of charge, suitable for 18+ age range and booking a place is suggested. See further details such as time and address on the official Facebook Event.

Educating on CLICKVIEW

Daughter is now educating through ClickView on a Tertiary level. If your school and students need a film that educates on and discusses gendered based violence, victim blaming, criminal justice or gender studies, then this film may just be the educational tool you need.

NPG proud of this film, which is slowly making it’s way into education and in turn making a difference to society as it stands today.

_It was so brazen and unpredictable. What made that man think he could do that__ - Alethea (1).png

Official Selection Queen Palm Film Festival

Daughter is an Official Coronet Selection of the Queen Palm International Film Festival, October 2018 Edition. Although we are not up for any awards or part of the public screening, we are thrilled to have had Daughter selected by the jury.

Daughter Queen Palm.jpg

Project Respect Febuary Campaign

When Carmela, the founder of online film website We Are Moving Stories approached Daughter director Sarah Jayne with the idea of making the film part of an online fundraising campaign to raise money for Project Respect, there was no hesitation. 

Project Respect is a Melbourne based non for profit organisation that support women in sex work and women and girls trafficked into Australia and forced into sex work without their consent. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.39.46 pm.png

Throughout February Daughter was screened online to those who donated $30AU or more to Project Respect.  Within the last week of the campaign (which ended on the 21st of February) Carmela organised an online live discussion with Daughter director Sarah Jayne who answered questions on FB live chat.

As Sarah Jayne expected, the conversation was interesting. Most of the questions given to the director were about her research and how she went about tackling the subject matter and also why she chose to speak about these topics inspired by the two real life murder cases in Melbourne. 

This was the first fundraiser that We are Moving Stories has attempted and Carmela will continue to match up a thought provoking film with a worthy organisation for the sole purpose of fundraising.

Check out the We are Moving Stories website for more details about the way the site supports filmmakers and the future fundraising campaigns. 


Nexus Production Group headed to Los Angeles in November to attend the American Film Market. While meetings were secured for their feature film, Friends, Foes & Fireworks, one sales agent took an interest in Daughter. 

Sarah and Ivan from NPG at Santa Monica pier after a successful day of meetings at AFM.

Sarah and Ivan from NPG at Santa Monica pier after a successful day of meetings at AFM.

Daughter is now non exclusively signed to Turn Key Films, a sales agent from Pittsburgh, PA in the USA who work with buyers and filmmakers from around the world. 

The latest development is that Turn Key Films have made Daughter available on Amazon and Amazon Prime for fans to stream directly though the platform.

There are now many options for those who want to watch the film. To stream Daughter through Amazon, click here.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 5.07.42 pm.pngDaughter.Amazon