The craziness that is Cannes Film Fest.

Ivan and I have been blessed to have the opportunity to travel to Europe this year and after a fun trip in Croatia, Malta and Paris, as well as Montpellier in the South of France, the most anticipated stop was yet to come.

Driving into Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival where Nexus Production Groups films, Zina and Daughter, made the Short Film Corner at the 69th year of the most famous film festival in the world, was very exciting. As we zoomed down the freeway towards our base in Antibes at the max speed limit of 130kms we watched the signs as we passed. The ones that stood out were the festival signs and the Cannes signs of course as we edged closer.

Almost there !

By 11am we had reached our AirBNB accommodation located in Antibes, which is a 15 minute drive to the festival and lucky for us our address is on Avenue de Cannes, a 20 minute bus ride along the coast.

By 12pm our rental car was returned and we settled into the Croisette for a cheap lunch at a cute and busy cafe called Federal. Thank goodness they spoke English, we struggled in Montpellier with the language barrier. Another bonus was that we had WIFI there so we got time to check our emails.

Next stop was registration and after getting lost in the crowds we finally found it, checked in and picked up our pass and we also picked up our registration bags full of festival info and goodies like note pad, tote bag and magazines plus all the info we need.

Festival goodies

Stars arriving in offical Cannes FF cars

While trying to head back to the accommodation we got caught in a crowd as we walked past the red carpet section and past those crazy celeb spotters who were perched on ladders in the sweltering sun, each trying to outdo each-other with the most rungs so that they can get a view of the stars. I found myself behind the barrier as police ushered us of the road and behind a barrier.

The red carpet getting a clean before the Stars arrive

I must confess I stood in the sun front row for a couple of hours to see what happens. I think I saw Shia LaBeouf emerge from the cars but I didn't have my zoom lens, and by that point Ivan had given up and taken off to find some local info and sit in the shade.

Check out my crappy photograph below, thats him in the white suit.

See him in the white jacket? I swear it is him. 

So far I can tell you the experience has been very overwhelming for two indie filmmakers from Melbourne who are Cannes Film Festival virgins. We feel a little unprepared as we have been holidaying for the last three weeks, sometimes without a stable internet connection so we missed out on a few industry events as we got the invites late.

But lucky for me our Daughter PR person Dinushi has contacted a few distributors who may be at the festival with the hope to secure some meetings over the next week and Ivan and I have registered to hopefully get invites to premiere film screenings at Grand Theatre Lumiere and walk the red carpet. Ivan, Dinushi and I do have a Screen Australia breakfast lined up for early Wednesday morning so it will be good to chat with fellow Aussies and get a point of view on the festival from the Australian film industry professionals.

We are going in a little blind but it is our first time attending and we came more for the experience and the atmosphere and with the positive mind set that by talking to a lot of people someone may take interest in Daughter or Zina and actually want to watch our films.


We will be joined by Zina lead actor Clara Francesca this Thursday night and Dinushi is already in town with her group. Lucky too we have another couple of friends here who have been to Cannes previously so they have been prepping us and giving us info. I will keep you posted; for now we are settled and still finding our feet. Tonight after an afternoon nap we find ourselves drinking tea and coffee at the Maccas close to our apartment as we check out whats in our festival blue bag and request to be invited to more film screenings. Goodnight for now.