The Cannes experience rolls on...and winds down.

The main event 

Well, I have seriously lost track of what day it is for us at Cannes. I guess it is the same with most people who are part of this big, manic festival. I have heard people talk about the meetings and screenings they want to see by dates rather than by days as we are all loosing the order of the week, everything is gelling into one long week. 

I am actually very tired and have no energy to sit here and write a lengthy blog ( I stayed up till 2.49am writing a blog yesterday and accidentally deleted it ) so I will keep it short and talk about highlights of the last couple of days.

Lets start with a funny one-  meeting Mrs Doubtfire while eating at a bagel place on the Croisette. Ok, so it was an impersonator plugging his show, who had really hairy hands. Here is the picture. 

She lives!

Ivan, Dinushi and I found the Screen Australia hub outside the festival and that was good, great to have a base with Aussies although we were not there to network with people from back home. We also met some wonderful people in there, talked film and industry and spoke to the Screen Australia people who advised us of good bar to mingle with film makers. We also scabbed free wifi. Very handy and the room had a wonderful view of the red carpet and the riviera. From here I actually scored my first free red carpet ticket to see It's only the end of the World by Xavier Dolan, a 27 year old film director who already has his 4th film at Cannes.

The festival has wound down, the vibe was much more relaxed and the feel of the streets around the Palais are much calmer due to a lot of the distributors packing up for the year. I am just going to leave you with more photos as I need to get back for the last hour of networking in the Short Film Corner. Happy hour is from 5-6pm every night! 

Clara joined us last night and now we have a full team approaching everyone possible about Zina and Daughter and we look forward to next year as we will go in with more experience and we will be able to be more productive, prep before hand and come in with a solid plan. 

For Daughter, things are looking ok, a couple of distributors Ivan, Dinushi and I contacted off the lists on the Short Film Corner wall have asked for a link to view the film. 

So far all good, we are happy with how we are running Nexus Production Group at Cannes 2016. 

At the Screen Australia Hub

Scooter fun 

Waiting to walk the red carpet

The crew plus one - Chilling at Dinushi's apartment suit alfresco style.  We needed a wind down.