Daughter & Fan-Force

Daughter and Fan-Force joined forces just over a year ago and thus far it has been a slow start for the film as it finds it's way on this wonderful platform. However, director and writer of Daughter, Sarah Jayne hopes to change that, making things happen for the Daughter on Fan-Force has become one of her main focuses for the coming months.

With Sarah Jayne's production company NPG moving to Europe in the coming months, the possibilities for a Daughter International Tour are strong as Fan- Force has expanded from Australia to International. Daughter fans can now host screenings of the film in the UK, USA, Germany, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

For those unfamiliar with Fan-Force and what the company is all about, it is quite simple. Fan-Force is an online library of films and the fun part is, Fan-Force allows fans to choose the films they want to see and host screenings at a cinema in their local area.

 It is so easy to host a screening with Fan-Force. 

It is so easy to host a screening with Fan-Force. 

Better yet, it is very exciting and rewarding for independent filmmakers to have this platform, as it can be time consuming and financially difficult to secure and set up a screening for your film. Film festivals can also be costly and there is no guarantee that your film will be chosen to screen, thus no one sees your film and you are left out of pocket and disheartened.

Fan-Force works on a tipping point basis, meaning if the fans don't gather and book, the screening does not go ahead, so no-one is out of pocket. But the aim of the game is to invite your friends, community group, school clubs and family to reach that tipping point and beyond. Fan-Force will help along the way, deal with booking the cinema and give you promotional options if needed.

Fan-Force is a great match for Daughter, because it’s a film that needs to be seen in large groups due to the subject matter and education focus. To have the opportunity to screen Daughter in a cinema is wonderful for me as indie filmmaker and Fan-Force makes Daughter easily accessible for community groups, charities and educators. They can host a screening, add a Q&A, also raise funds and sell merchandise. As can I if I wanted to.
— Sarah Jayne, Daughter writer & director

Sarah Jayne has approached and attended a private meeting with an influential Melbourne organisation earlier this month, one that is very driven to achieving equality and finding out facts which will instigate change for women and girls worldwide. A Fan-Force screening/fundraiser with this organisation will be happening soon. Watch this space and the Daughter Facebook page for further announcements as they happen. NPG hope you can help us reach the tipping point for this event when it is announced.

To host your own Daughter Fan-Force screening go directly to the Daughter Fan-Force page here - Daughter on Fan-Force