Project Respect Febuary Campaign

When Carmela, the founder of online film website We Are Moving Stories approached Daughter director Sarah Jayne with the idea of making the film part of an online fundraising campaign to raise money for Project Respect, there was no hesitation. 

Project Respect is a Melbourne based non for profit organisation that support women in sex work and women and girls trafficked into Australia and forced into sex work without their consent. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 9.39.46 pm.png

Throughout February Daughter was screened online to those who donated $30AU or more to Project Respect.  Within the last week of the campaign (which ended on the 21st of February) Carmela organised an online live discussion with Daughter director Sarah Jayne who answered questions on FB live chat.

As Sarah Jayne expected, the conversation was interesting. Most of the questions given to the director were about her research and how she went about tackling the subject matter and also why she chose to speak about these topics inspired by the two real life murder cases in Melbourne. 

This was the first fundraiser that We are Moving Stories has attempted and Carmela will continue to match up a thought provoking film with a worthy organisation for the sole purpose of fundraising.

Check out the We are Moving Stories website for more details about the way the site supports filmmakers and the future fundraising campaigns.