Daughter & Fan-Force

Daughter and Fan-Force joined forces just over a year ago and thus far it has been a slow start for the film as it finds it's way on this wonderful platform.

With Sarah Jayne's production company NPG moving to Europe in the coming months, the possibilities for a Daughter International Tour are strong as Fan- Force has expanded from Australia to International. Daughter fans can now host screenings of the film in the UK, USA, Germany, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand.

For those unfamiliar with Fan-Force and what the company is all about, it is quite simple. Fan-Force is an online library of films and the fun part is, Fan-Force allows fans to choose the films they want to see and host screenings at a cinema in their local area.

Better yet, it is very exciting and rewarding for independent filmmakers to have this platform, as it can be time consuming and financially difficult to secure and set up a screening for your film. Film festivals can also be costly and there is no guarantee that your film will be chosen to screen, thus no one sees your film and you are left out of pocket and disheartened.

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Fan-Force works on a tipping point basis, meaning if the fans don't gather and book, the screening does not go ahead, so no-one is out of pocket. But the aim of the game is to invite your friends, community group, school clubs and family to reach that tipping point and beyond. Fan-Force will help along the way, deal with booking the cinema and give you promotional options if needed.

To host your own Daughter Fan-Force screening go directly to the Daughter Fan-Force page here - Daughter on Fan-Force

Daughter travels to Swanpool

Saturday October 29th saw Daughter hit it's first regional tour mark,  with a visit to Swanpool Community Cinema, in the Benalla region of Victoria as part of the annual Made In Melbourne Film Festival regional tour.     

Daughter screened along side six other short films from the festival's extensive seven year archive, with a running theme of relationships and family brought to the big screen. The crowd was a humble gathering of locals , some of whom are regulars to the popular volunteer run cinema. 

The Cinema facade 

The Cinema facade 

Sarah Jayne enjoyed the Q&A session with the older crowd, who seemed to question the motives of the characters more than at pervious screenings, which made for Sarah Jayne's answers to the tough questions more thoughtful.

And what is a regional screening of an indie film based on the experiences of women that touches on gendered violence and negative perceptions of women in our communities without a protest from a disgruntle patron, who is also a self labeled victim of domestic violence at the hands of women?  Plain straight and serious I guess.

SJ in Tatong, Victoria at a crossroad near a Swanpool street sign 

SJ in Tatong, Victoria at a crossroad near a Swanpool street sign 

SJ and Ivan outside their cabin on Pam and Ian Hurrbert's property in Lima, Victoria

SJ and Ivan outside their cabin on Pam and Ian Hurrbert's property in Lima, Victoria

What actually set him off was the film screening previous to Daughter, which was about domestic violence at the hands of a man against his wife and son. Luckily nothing eventuated from his anger towards the film and his hunting down of Sarah Jayne and he ended up leaving for the remainder of the show to continue. 

All in all Nexus Production Group enjoyed their return to Swanpool Community Cinema, despite the drama and humble crowd. The fresh country air is just what Sarah Jayne and Ivan needed after a busy week running Made In Melbourne Film Festival back home and they both look forward to coming back to the Benalla region mid November for the Mansfield Armchair Cinema Screening, which again has MIM and Daughter teaming up. 

For more pictures from the event, go to the Gallery section of the website. 

Daughter wins in Sydney

On the first weekend of October Daughter had it's Sydney premiere screening at the Women Media Arts and Film Festival, making this event Daughter's first public festival screening. The festival, which celebrates women filmmakers was held in an interesting venue - Newington Armory / Blaxland Riverside Park, Sydney.

Unfortunately the cast and crew could not be in attendance. Writer/director Sarah Jayne and Producer Ivan Malekin were tied up in Melbourne filming another project and could not make it to the festival, but they were following WMAFF's Facebook page for news as it happened. 

Sarah Jayne is one of the festivals alumni, having had her debut film Dusk screen back in 2013, so she was thrilled that again, her work was seen as an important piece of filmmaking from a female director.  

On Sunday Sarah Jayne received the fantastic news that Daughter had taken out the award for Best Short Film - Fiction Category at the festival. What an honour. Now Daughter is an award winning film! 

NPG are ecstatic that their tough little film from St Kilda had been asked to screen at the festival, and taking out an award was a bonus. It has been a great month for the independent production company with other films, recent and older being chosen for a number of festivals as-well as taking out prizes internationally. For more NPG news, go to the website - Nexus Production Group. 

There is much more happening for Daughter, all will be revealed soon. Keep up-to date by liking the Facebook page and for behind the scenes photos as they happen for NPG follow their Instagram page

From St Kilda to France


Myself and Nexus Production Group's Ivan Malekin will be in Cannes on the last leg of our Honeymoon and it just so happens that we planned to visit Cannes and the famous Cannes Film Festival before heading home. What a way for two film makers to end a honeymoon!

Since we made it into the Cannes Short Film Corner with Zina, our film which was shot earlier on in 2015 before Daughter, we thought we would enter Daughter too- any chance to market two NPG films while across the other side of the world is a win. Festivals were not a big part of my plan for Daughter but some once in a life time opportunities can't be overlooked.

Two days after sending though the application we received word that Daughter was selected. Super exciting!

Daughter in the Cannes Short Film Corner catalog under Drama, Social

Now the hard yards will begin. We will have to sell the films, network and get people to watch both Zina and Daughter in the hope that someone sees potential in our work. This is an opportunity that Nexus Production Group are very grateful for, a long time coming too but all worth the wait.

The festival runs during mid May. Ivan and I pick up our passes on May 15th from the venue and from the 16th we have access to the grounds and the opportunity to meet influential people from all over the world and other film makers. If we are super lucky we will have the chance to party with some of them in the evening, share a drink at the bar and attend some black tie parties. My dresses are all ready picked out.  

We are glad we have a couple of friends, another film making duo from Melbourne also attending the festival and they have been before, so we will be representing Melbourne Indie Film.

We have heard from people and actor friends who have been that the experience is unlike anything else and we are sure that this is an opportunity we will take full advantage of and never take for granted. This will be our greatest adventure. 

I look forward to blogging here when I return and of course sharing some pictures of Ivan and I on the famous red carpet. 

Let the adventures begin!