Now, we are thrilled and proud to say Daughter has just been released on IndieFlix!

The indie filmmakers behind Daughter first heard about IndieFlix through an interview with founder Scilla Andreen on the Indie Film Hustle Podcast, and were excited to learn just how and why this US platform gives back to indie filmmakers and keen to join ourselves. 

IndieFlix is run by filmmakers, so they get it – unlike Amazon, IndieFlix pay filmmakers for every minute their movie is watched so it is a win-win model that increases the filmmaker’s payout as the company expands.

With all of Daughters success, NPG look forward to what is still to come.


Enjoy watching Daughter though Indieflix and support indie filmmakers.

A Very Special St Kilda Event

It has been more than a couple of weeks now since the premiere screening of my film, Daughter at St Kilda Town Hall on March 10th and I still can't believe how wonderful and special the event was. I feel totally blessed to have had such a well received film and a huge turnout, that was three times bigger than I expected. We estimate 180 people were in attendance. The continued support for Daughter and what the project stands for continues to make me smile. 

This time last year I was still researching the topics and reading up on as many news stories on Tracy, Jill , sex work in St Kilda and the topic of Gendered Violence I could. My meeting with Sally from St Kilda Gatehouse in January was a success and the next step was to finish up the script. It was real now, we were to shoot during the first week of September. To get to this stage, the premiere screening and still be supported by the St Kilda community, the general public and local businesses is amazing beyond words. But now during National Women's week 2016- how much has changed for Daughter. 

On the night Deputy Mayor of Port Phillip Serge Thomann, who has supported the project from his first discussion with me and through Pozible, opened the proceedings and gave a speech which summed up the context of the film and it's connection of Port Phillip -

"Port Philip has got a very strong commitment for social justice and through the the Cultural Development Grant, we are proud to help and support this project. This is a short film that will hopefully make a difference and open peoples minds and start conversations that are sometimes hard to have." 

Serge Thomann opening the event with a heart warming speech


So many other influential speakers, such as Andie Patchett from the St Kilda Gatehouse, Elliott Costello from Polished Man and Heavy METAL representatives Tanya Giles and David Nugent graced the stage before the film and I enjoyed talking to everyone after the screening. 

So many happy faces were seen in the crowd and this showed through in the photos taken by Raphael Chan, our BTS photographer and sponsor. But to truly understand just how warm the energy was and how proud we stood together in St Kilda Town Hall, during National Women's Week on March 10th, in solidarity against victim blaming and gendered violence in society at the screening you had to be there. It can't be described through words.  

Stay tuned for further screenings, announced here through the blogs and on the EVENTS page.