Daughter is an award winning short film and awareness project produced by Nexus Production Group, staring Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) as Scarlett, Aisha Tara (Heartbreak High) as Jemma and Carolyn Rey as Alethea. The main themes explored in the film are violence against women and victim blaming, shown through the eyes of the three female leads as they take you through a story that explores what women deal with on a day to day basis as active members of society.

The screenplay was inspired by the tragic murders of Jill Meagher in Brunswick and St Kilda's own Tracy Connelly, whose occupation as a sex worker was highlighted in the media, leading to her murder and personal story being sadly overshadowed. 

Daughter premiered at St Kilda Town Hall during International Women's Week in 2015 to a crowd of over 180 people including council members, sponsors and special guests. Daughter as been part of the Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival in 2016, won Best Drama at Women Media Arts and Film Festival Sydney 2016, was awarded a Grapple Award at Anarco Film Festival 2017 and a Silver Remi Award for 'longer short film' at Houston Worldfest in the USA 2017. Daughter has also screened as part of the Wollongong Film Festival and toured independently in Victoria during 2016.

As an awareness focused film, an educational screening at Holmesglen TAFE Waverley was held in 2016, with the intention of starting a discussion on the films themes, and Daughter was a perfect fit for teachers and educators who worked the film into thier teachings and assessments. 

Daughter complemented the students’ learning around victim blaming and gendered crime within their various criminal justice units. Students and teachers alike found the film to be thought provoking and a good platform to begin a discussion about challenging stereotypes and changing attitudes towards violence within our community

- Tamara Cousins Waverley TAFE Justice Course co-ordinator

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“The film was written with perfect balance between memorable, dark and precise. The lead actress (Aisha) was absolutely a stand out. Glad I had the opportunity to view this... a much needed message.” Christina Dias


* Saturday 29th of October 2016- Swanpool Community Cinema w. Made In Melbourne Film Festival Special Event 7pm- CLICK FOR WEBSITE. Tix are cash only at the cinema - various prices

* Saturday 29th of October 2016- Woolongong Film Festival - Wollongong NSW 2500, Australia - From 6.30pm For all details and to buy tix CLICK HERE

* Sunday 20th of November 2016- Mansfeild Armchair Cinema special screening w. Made In Melbourne Film Festival Special Event - 2pm - CLICK FOR DETAILS AND TIX 

* Tuesday 22nd of November 2016 - Queenscliff Uniting Church Movie Club 1pm- CLICK FOR WEBSITE Tix are $5 cash only at the event. 

* Saturday 4th of March 2017 - Anarco Film Festival @ Hope Street Cinema, Brunswick 7.30pm - 12.30am

* May 13th 2017- 14th REEL Sydney Film Festival of World Cinema - Sutherland Entertainment Centre. For more details click here - REEL SFFWC

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Daughter is a 28 minute short film and awareness project which teaches the importance of respect for others and the danger of victim blaming, as shown through the eyes of three different women. Daughter explores the way women are viewed in our society - everything from women's behaviour when out at night, their choice of profession and how they choose to dress is brought up and discussed in this thought provoking short film. 

Daughter is now available to purchase as a resource through ATOM's Online Educational Shop in three formats - DVD, 3 Day Rental and 5 year access. For Victorian screenings writer/director Sarah Jayne is available for bookings at a small fee, should you require someone to introduce the film and take part in a Q&A after the screening. 

Nexus Production Group will be touring with Daughter through education facilities late 2016 and continuing on in 2017. In August 2016 the film had it's first educational screening at Holmesglen Tafe Waverley, where the film was integrated with the teaching practice for the Justice Course students.

Daughter is also now on the FanForce website from January 5th. Now it is easy for large groups who want to host their own private screenings of Daughter at local cinemas in their local area. Click the FANFORCE button below to read more and host a cinema screening now.

Should you wish to discuss Daughter screening at your school or education facility after purchasing the film via ATOM, please get in touch with either Sarah Jayne or Ivan Malekin from NPG directly via the CONTACT page and request a PRESS KIT. 

Sarah Jayne speaking about Daughter at Holmesglen Waverley TAFE in August 2016

Sarah Jayne speaking about Daughter at Holmesglen Waverley TAFE in August 2016



A big thank you to all the Daughter sponsors and partners.  We are very grateful for the support - the film would not be possible without your involvement. Please click on each logo to learn more about the sponsor/partner.

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WRITER/ DIRECTOR - SARAH JAYNE P: 0474 478 891 E: sarah@npgroup.com.au

PRODUCER - IVAN MALEKIN P: 0419 518 790  E : ivan@npgroup.com.au